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Skinny Jab Kit

Weight loss Jab, this is a HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Peptide which helps aid in e ht loss by drastically speeding up your natural not only duplicating your fat metabolism celss so there working twice as hard 

You will receive 1x Vial with 5mg of HGH peptide, 1x 2ml Saline Solution, 10  x Needle to mix solution & 1 alcaholwipe

Price £25.00

MT2 Starter Kit 1 Vial

Looking for an all year golden tan, with out starter kit you get everything you need.

MT2 Starter Kit, this kit includes

  • 1x 10mg melanotan2 vial
  • 10x Syringes
  • 1x Alcohol Wipe
  • 1x 2ml Sterile Water
Price £20.00

Slim and Tan Injection

Slim and tan injection, a mixed combination of MT2 and HGH weight loss. Helps to burn fat while getting a golden tan. 

This product comes pre-mixed in a vial ready for use. You will also receive 10 needles

Price £35.00

MT2 10mg Nasal Spray kit

Nasal Tanners 10mg

Try out our nasal tanners.

You will receive a premixed nasal spray bottle with 10mg Melanotan2 mixed with 5ml sterile water.

Price £20.00

Double strength Skinny Jab...

 This is is a HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Peptide  which attacks and burns away the fat cells your body stores even whilst you are sleeping this product is constantly working!  It duplicates your fat metabolism cells to to break down the fat cells your body stores  and speeds up your own fat metabolism cells to also burn off that unwanted weight and enables your body to produce and release more of its own natural HGH which helps you even more in loosing weight

You will receive 1x Vial with 10mg of HGH peptide this product will come premixed unless you ask otherwise, 10x Needle to mix solutio


Price £45.00